Antique Textile # TX-14

Lovely 19th Century Silk Brocade

Circa late 1800's, there is a lovely design on this brocade. Possibly scalamandre, the design incorporates gold metallic and silk threads in clusters of floral bouquets. This item would be perfect for a cushion cover. Measuring approximately 21" by 20". The fabric is strong condition, one split near top edge.


Antique Textile # TX-15

Silk Panel with Urns

Circa late 19th Century silk panels with a very nice design of urns, flowers, and architectual elements. There is an ornate balcony with trees with large roses on each side of the panel. Measuring approximately 38" by 20". A few minor areas of loose threads, otherwise excellent strong condition.


Antique Textile # TX-16

Figural Chinoiserie Panel

Circa 1930, the theme of this panel is quite playful. A man in eloborate costume swing from a great oak tree, while another crosses an eloborate bridge. Measuring approxiamately 92" by almost 42" wide. The panel needs to be laundered, but it is unused and in good condition.

$ 195.00

Antique Textile # TX-17

Elaborate 19th Century Brocade

The design is quite stuning. Metallic and silk-flossed threads are used, with delicate florals in subtle colors throughout the panel. A metallic braid was added around the edge. Measuring approximately 22 1/2" by 23". There are a few minor loose threads, otherwise very good condition.


Antique Textile # TX-18

Silk Brocade and Metallic Collar

Circa 1800's, a silk and metallic collar that was probably made for a church garment. Scalloped gold metallic trim has been added to all the edges. Measuring approximately 17" by almost 6 1/2" wide. Some light wear near neckline, otherwise good conditon.


Antique Textile # TX-21

Chausible w/ Embroidered Flowers

The front part of a chausible with all the metallic decoration taken off, but the floral embroidery is quite stunning. Amazing detail and design, also the quality of the embroidery is superb. Measuring approximately 39" by almost 26" wide. Some damage on the silk on one edge, basically good condition.


Antique Textile # TX-23

Circa 1740, Spitafield Skirt Panel

A beautiful design with meandering leaves and flowers, it seems as if it was a skirt panel. Measuring approximately 106" by 43" wide. Early textiles are always much rarer to find. Overall the piece for it's age is in good condition, but there is some damage.


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