Antique Textile # TX-27

Circa 1840's, Superior Printed Silk Challis Shawl w/ Boteh

Circa 1840's, a beautiful paisley or Norwich printed silk gauze shawl with woven ribbon work design. A gorgeous design, with attractive and numerous "Boteh" filling the entire shawl. The design is quite exhuberant and the combination of colors are quite superb. It is quite rare to find a shawl like this in such good condition.


Antique Textile # TX-26

Circa 1850's, Paisley or Norwich Challis Shawl

A wonderful design and combination of colors on this paisley or Norwich printed challis shawl. It is quite rare to find these shawls in such good condition, this was well looked after. The colors are quite lovely and the large boteh designs are fillled with elaborate floral decoration. The wide edges measure apprx. 42" on each end. A stunning shawl!


Antique Textile # TX-13

Rare Castelo Branco Coverlet

In Portugal, Castelo Branco became famous for their fine silk embroideries. A small factory that was run by Nuns produced these coverlets from the 17th. Century and are still produced there today. This is a beautiful and rare coverlet with a gorgeous palette of colors. There is a central medallion surrounded by undulating flowers and leaves, with large birds and playful monkeys. In mainly good condition, there are some areas of wear.


Antique Textile # TX-28

Early 18th C. Embroidery w/ Metallic Threads

Possibly made for the Church, with a elaborate central shaped scroll with flowers and swags. Measuring apprx. 20" by almost 8". Some loose threads but in overall very good condition.


Antique Textile # TX-29

Lovely 19th C. Bargello Panel

A lovely flame point or bargello tapesrty. Beautiful workmanship and a wonderful combination of colors, with shades of green, cream, sage green, and deep purple threads. Measuring apprx. 20" by 11" for tapestry. In good condition.


Antique Textile # TX-30

Circa 18th-19th C. Velvet Church Panel

The central roundel contains the initials "IHS". An item used by the Church, perhaps part of a chausible. The design is quite ornate with a corded twisted cordonet enclosing the designs. Measuring apprx. 15" by 7 1/2".


Antique Textile # TX-31

Elegant Velvet w/ Ornate Flower Design

A large bold flower design on this chairback cover. Lovely elongated tulips surround the large rose while meandering vines weave their way elegantly throughout the design. Measuring apprx. 20 1/2" by 17".

Price Upon Request

Antique Textile # TX-32

Superb 19th C. Velvet w/ Urns

A beautiful design on this early velvet fragment. A highly decorative vase overflowing with flowers and tulips. The two small panels have been mounted on fabric. Measruring apprx. 21" by 13 1/2". Good condition.

Price Upon Request

Antique Textile # TX-33

Elaborate 19th C. Silk Panel w/ Lamb & Butterflies

Circa 1800's, a lovely cream silk panle with a lovely basket overflowing with flowers underneath a large bird. There are lovely morning glories, meandering vines, flowers and bows. The central vignette has a rabbit or lamb surrounded by foilage.

Price Upon Request

Antique Textile # TX-34

Lovely 18th C. Brocade w/ Flowers

A lovely silk brocade with a beautiful design. Fine meandering vine surround a large central floral bouquet worked in silk and metallic threads in a combination of colors. Measuring apprx. 24 1/2" by 20".

Price Upon Request

Antique Textile # TX-11

Circa 1900, Dong Dragon Robe

Chinese Dragon robe with coiling Dragon. There are six Dragons on this short robe. In the above listing we have a similar robe from the same estate. The other robe was glazed and this one is unglazed. Measuring approximately 34" long. Unused and in good condition.


Antique Textile # TX-12

Metallic and Petitpoint Bedspread

Circa 1900, a very ornate bedspread made of metallic lace, with insertions of rose bouquets worked in Petitpoint. A lovely central oval vignette is surrounded by metallic lace bows. The spread is backed with silk satin. In mainly very good condition, a few minor openings, a small part of the fringe is damaged, and the satin lining has some light staining. Measuring 93" by 71" wide, with additional 2 1/2" metallic fringe on two sides.


Antique Textile # TX-3

19th C. Victorian Beadwork Slippers

Circa 1860, a lovely pair of Victorian slippers. The design is of foxglove flowers and is beautifully executed. Grisaille work, the art of using grey or white beads to acheive a three dimensional look was very popular during the Victorian era. Worked well against a maroon, silky wool background, the turqouise, gold, brown, and hazel beads create excellent color. For beawork collector, they can be finished off into slippers or framed. Good unused condition


Antique Textile # TX-25

Turkish Metallic Embroidered Jacket

Circa late 1800's-early 1900, a lovely jacket encrusted with ornate embroidery, with masses of raised gilt and silver embroidery. There are tiny sequins on some of the delicate silk flowers. A lovely design and good quality workmanship.


Antique Textile # TX-1

19th Century French Silk Metallic Brocade

Stunning is the word here! A wonderful 19th C. French Silk Brocade with a gorgeous design. Meandering leaves and flowers are worked with shades of green, brown, pink, apricot, blue, and gold metallic threads. Measuring apprx. 165" by 22" wide. Unused and in good condition. This elegant fabric's colors have a vibrant three- dimensional effect against the cream silk background.


Antique Textile # TX-2

19th C. Chinese Kesu Dragon Robe

A royal blue Chinese Kesu Dragon robe in near mint condition. The decoration on the robe consists of four full-faced dragons with five claws. Chinese philosophy played an important part in these robes. Below the main full-faced dragon are two other dragons in profile, with the same design on the back. Good condition.


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