Antique Shawl # SH-14

Exquisite Canton Shawl w/ Ivory Faces

Circa 1900, a rare and ornate Canton silk embroidered shawl with hand-painted ivory faces. A superb design and quality workmanship on this beautiful shawl. The colors are brilliant and the ivory faces are very striking.


Antique Shawl # SH-20

Vibrant Blue Canton Silk Shawl w/ Birds

Circa early 1900's, a stunning silk canton shawl with superb embroidery. The colors are exquisite, royal blue with cream silks used for the design and macrame fringe. Masses of roses, birds, butterflies, and meandering vines throughout this superb shawl. The embroidery is of the highest quality.


Antique Shawl # SH-46

Superb 19th C. Canton Silk Shawl w/ Figurals

A very beautiful silk canton shawl with a large scale design of a chinoiserie scene, with figurals in period dress amidst a lovely array of roses, vines, and leaves. The scene is set against a pagoda and seems to be a courtship scene. A beautiful shawl with good quality workmanship, measuring apprx. 64-65" with additional 20-22" for silk fringe.


Antique Shawl # SH-35

Magnificent 19th C. Turquoise Canton Shawl

Magnificent in every way! One of the most amazing shawls I have come across in many years of selling. A truly beautiful canton shawl, with turquoise silk background and cream silk luminous threads used in the ornate bold flower design. Superb workmanship, gorgeous design, this shawl is absolutely stunning!


Antique Shawl # SH-28

Fine Figural Canton Silk Embroidered Jacket

Circa early 1900's, a very beautiful silk Canton embroidered jacket with pagodas, architectual elements, figurals in traditional dress, birds, and garden elements. The silk shines with a sparkling luminosity that is enhanced by the high lustre of the silk embroidery. The jacket is encrusted with numerous garden and architectual scenes, and each face has been outlined with black and red silk for added effect. A stunning silk jacket!


Antique Shawl # SH-33

Circa 1900, Exquisite Canton Silk Shawl

Circa 1890-1900, a beautiful combination of colors on this exquisite canton hand-embroidered silk shawl. A cream silk ground is heavilly embroidered with luminous lilac silk threads. The design and also the excellent embroidery make this an absolutely gorgeous shawl.


Antique Shawl # SH-19

Magnificent Canton Silk Coat w/ Figurals & Pagodas

Circa 1920's, a magnificent canton silk coat covered entirely with wonderful silk embroidery. The coat is filled with figurals, pagodas, bridges, architectual elements, butterflies, birds and swans, and lovely garlands and flowers that adorn the sides and bottom of the coat. This canton silk coat is truly sensational!


Antique Shawl # SH-42

Superb Turquoise Silk Canton Shawl

Circa late 1800's-early 1900, this wonderful large silk canton shawl is truly vibrant. The turquoise silk in enhanced with spectacular large and colorful flowers. A dramatic and beautiful shawl.


Antique Shawl # SH-24

Magnificent Canton Silk Shawl w/ Butterflies

Circa 1890-1900, a early large silk Canton shawl with a superb and ornate design. The cream silk embroidery on black produces a striking design, with large butterflies in each corner surrounded by opulent roses. A rare and stunning shawl!


Antique Shawl # SH-44

Magnificent Canton Silk Shawl w/ Architectual, Figurals & Animals

Circa late 1800's, this is one of the most amazing shawls I have come across. There are over 200 figurals and ornate architectual pagodas, ships, bridges, with numerous vignettes of figurals in boats, tending the gardens, riding horses. There are peacocks, dogs, birds, and other numerous animals. The scenes are quite astonishing, simply a work of art!


Antique Shawl # SH-48

Circa 1920, Superb Liberty Lame Shawl

A very elegant shawl that was apparently purchased at Liberty in Londo. A fine design, with gold stripes combined with large poppy's and wheat sheaths. Gorgeous colors and a superb design. Measuring apprx. 63" by 40" with additional 14" for fringe on three sides.


Antique Shawl # SH-12

Lovely Canton Shawl w/ Embroidery

A gorgeous shawl with the very best embroidery. The colors work very well together. Ornate embroidered flowers and meandering leaves are worked in cream silk. The shawl has a lovely macrame fringe.


Antique Shawl # SH-49

Circa 1920, Exquisite Lame Shawl w/ Roses

A stunning design, beautiful colors on this superb shawl. Large delicate cabbage roses form beautiful garlands with large elongated leaves throughout the design. Measuring apprx. 45" with additional 20-22" for multicolored fringe.


Antique Shawl # SH-2

Elegant Lame Shawl w/ Roses

Circa 1920, a beautful shawl with large roses in the center of the shawl, and surrounded by a wide black silk border. In mainly good condition, but theere are some areas of the metallic threads that have tarnish. Measuring approximately 54" by a little over 52" wide.


Antique Shawl # SH-16

Exotic Mantilla Shawl w/ Ornate Flowers

Circa 1900, this shawl is quite sumptious and is quite possibly made in Spain. The flowers on this lovely shawl are bold and beautiful. The quality of the embroidery is excellent.


Antique Shawl # SH-17

Ornate Figural Canton Silk Shawl

Circa 1900-1920, a wonderful Cantonese silk embroidered shawl with large figurals, flowers, birds, and architectual elements. The colors on this shawl are rare, and the quality and design are superb.


Antique Shawl # SH-18

Superb Silk Embroidered Shawl

Circa 1900, the quality of the embroidery on this shawl is spectacular! The colors are gorgeous including rose, numerous shades of green, purple, dusty pink, which produce a magnificent palette of flowers and leaves. The design and embroidery on this shawl is the very best quality.


Antique Shawl # SH-15

Luminous Figural Canton Shawl

Circa 1900, a superb Canton silk embroidered shawl with excellent silk embroidery. The design is magnificent with figurals, pagodas, animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, and architectual elements. The quality of embroidery is absolutely superb.


.Antique Shawl # SH-31

Circa 1900's, Fine Canton Silk Embroidered Shawl w/ Birds

A very striking handmade silk canton embroidered shawl with a lovely combination of cream silk ground and black silk threads. The design is extremely attractive with flowers, meandering vines and assorted birds. A lovely shawl to wear or for home use.


Antique Shawl # SH-21

Circa 1920, Lovely Lame Shawl w/ Flowers

A very attractive silk lame shawl with a ornate design. The colors are soft and gentle, deep rose and shades of pink with a large sunburt at the center of the shawl. Measuring apprx. 50" by 49".


Antique Shawl # SH-26

Circa 1900's, Ornate Canton Silk Embroidered Shawl

Circa early 1900's, a very elegant and beautiful shawl! The combination of cream silk threads and black silk are quite luminescent with a elaborate design of flowers, vines, birds, and meandering vines. A beautiful design with quality workmanship.


Antique Shawl # SH-27

Circa 1900's, Lovely Figural Canton Silk Jacket

A wonderful cream silk Canton figural jacket with heavilly encrusted embroidery. Oriental Pastoral scenes overflow with lovely scenes of ladies, gentlemen, and children in traditional dress. Surrounded by ornate architecture, with intricate pagoda's, bridges, and a variety of birds amidst the lovely garden scenes. There are elongated vines, and a abundance of flowers and assorted trees. A lovely wearable jacket, with fine embroidery, color, and design.


Antique Shawl # SH-3

Superb Figural Canton Silk Shawl

Circa 1920's, a lovely hand-embroidered silk shawl with large figurals sitting on a dais, under a pagoda. The shawl has architectual elements, undulating boughs, delicate trees and florals.


.Antique Shawl # SH-4

Circa 1900, Figural Canton Silk Shawl

A superb hand-embroidered Chinese shawl that has numerous Chinese figurals, architectual elements, birds and animals. One side of the shawl is encrusted with large florals. A superb example, many of these shawls were sold by Liberty of London. Measuring approximately 52" wide with additional 25" of macrame and fringe. In good condition.


Antique Shawl # SH-13

Circa 1920's Ornate Silk Lame Shawl

A lovely design on this lame shawl, with pretty three toned fringes on the edges, and great colors. The shawl seems hardly used and is in good condition. Measuring apprx. 46" with additional 22" for fringe. In good condition.


Antique Shawl # SH-25

Ornate Canton Embroidered Shawl w/ Birds & Butterflies

A beautiful design with excellent quality of workmanship! A superb medley of embroidered silks with shades of rose, lilac, blue, apricot, turquoise, white, all worked to perfection. Large red cabbage roses, wonderful "Birds of Paradise", and butterflies are overflowing in this shawl. There are approximately thirty birds, meandering vines, and embroidered butterflies abound. A beautiful shawl!


Antique Shawl # SH-23

Gorgeous Silk Embroidered Canton Shawl

This very beautiful Canton silk shawl has a lavish design combined with a brilliant palette of colors. Large shaded purple roses on each corner are surrounded by shades of blue, pinks, rose, pale cream, apricot, and violet. Meandering flowers and vines. A stunning shawl with superb hand embroidery.


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