Antique Linen # LI-62

Ornate Point De Paris, Milanese & Needlepoint Lace Cloth

A stunning linen tablecloth with a profuse variety of lace. The quality of the work is excellent and the design is extremely elegant. Superior reticella lace, whitework, Point De Paris, and needlepoint laces are quite exhuberant throughout the design. Exceptional workmanship in design and quality.


Antique Linen # LI-186

Lovely Milanese Round Placemat Set

A lovely placematset composed of one large central table center, ten large round placemats, and ten wine coasters. The fine linen at the center is surrounded by a wide border of Milanese lace. A very elegant set for the table. The round table center measures apprx. 26", placemats measure apprx. 11", and the coasters apprx. 5 3/4".


Antique Linen # LI-96

Fine Italian Bobbin & Needlepoint Lace Table Runner

A stunning combination! Elegant scrollwork design throughout this table runner which measures apprx. 138" long by 30" wide. Circa 1930's, the quality of work is very fine and the design element is quite elegant. Lovely for table or can be used in other ways. Good condition.


Antique Linen # LI-14

French Normandy Lace Bedspread

Circa 1920, a stunning French Normandy lace bedspread measureing 92" by 74" wide. Circles of whitework are connected by hand to good quality machine valencienne lace. Normandy lace was produced in France during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. Good condition, a few minor age spots that will come up once laundered.


Antique Linen # LI-61

Circa 1900's, Fine Brussels Lace Cloth w/ Napkins

The original tags are still attached to this lovely set. Designed by the firm of "Maison Renee Foiret" in Brussels. A fine and elegant tablecloth with a excellent design. Measuring apprx. 100" by 72" wide, with twelve matching napkins measuring 17". In good, unused condition.


Antique Linen # LI-16

Appenzell Tablecloth w/ Portraits of Ladies

Circa early 20th C., a fine linen Appenzell tablecloth with four cameos depicting lovely ladies with whimsical hats. The cameos have a background of Buratto work and measure 9" wide. Flower swags emanate from the cameos and connect to two large urns overflowing with flowers. . Measuring apprx. 69" by 60" wide. One small scallop has damage, hardly noticeable. The quality of linen is excellent. Good condition.


Antique Linen # LI-51

Point De Paris Tablecloth w/ Cherubs

Circa 1920, the elegant tablecloth and napkins have a lovely design, with cherubs, flowers, and leaves worked in Point De Paris. Some other flowers and leaves on the cloth are worked with drawnwork and needlepoint fillings. Measuring apprx. 92" long by 76" wide. There are ten matching napkins measuring 21". In good condition.


Antique Linen # LI-54

Ornate Filet & Cutwork Cloth

There is a profuse amount of fine filet lace, Reticella lace, and raised satin-stitch embroidery on this lovely tablecloth. The cloth is further enhanced by large oval vignettes filled with figural ladies holding musical instruments, and also a central shaped insertion worked in needlepoint lace.


Antique Linen # LI-49

Large 170" Figural Tablecloth

A stunning tablecloth that measures apprx. 170" long by 80" wide. Circa 1890-1900's, the quality of work is exceptional on this tablecloth. There is a profuse amount of raised satin-stitch embroidery, numerous Reticella insertions, and ornate filet lace. The vignettes in the corners are done in needlepoint. An elegant tablecloth with exceptional size.


Antique Linens # LI-84

Fine Heraldic Needlepoint Lace w/ Lions

A fine heraldic needlepoint lace table center with two lions holding the flags of Belgium. There is a central lion with a crown at the top with a banner that reads, "L'Union Fiat La Force", which means "Strength through unity" and is the national motto of Belgium. A lovely design with good raised needlepoint lace.


Antique Linen # LI-129

Superb Brussels Bobbin Lace Tablecloth w/ Roses

The expertise and talent of the lacemaker is quite apparent in both the design and in the quality of workmanship in this beautiful Bruge bobbin lace tablecloth. The tablecloth is adorned with large roses that measure apprx. 3" or more, and the entire cloth is encrusted with these lovely roses.


Antique Linen # LI-122

Magnificent Linen Sheet w/ Whitework Bird & Butterflies

A magnificent and rare sheet with the most amazing whitework. A large elaborate central monogram is encircled by a beautifully embroidered bird and butterflies, flowers, and vines and leaves. The scale of the work is quite majestic, the quality of workmanship almost defies belief. Opulent and majestic, this is a work of art!


Antique Linen # LI-63

Exquisite Whitework Tablecloth w/ Buddhist Sages

A rare and outstanding linen tablecloth with an exceptional design. Seven Buddist Sages are worked in superb raised satin-stitch embroidery. This produces a three-dimensional effect on the cloth, with oriental symbols in the center, and finished off with a scalloped lishui border. The design is extremely rare to find in table linens, and the quality of whitework is absolutely superb.


Antique Linen # LI-77

Lovely Figural Cantu Lace Placemat Set

This lovely placemat set is quite unusual, as the shape of the runner and placemats is extremely rare to find. Good quality Cantu lace with figurals that have raised work in the design. There are eight placemats.


Antique Linen # LI-57

Fine Brussels &Milanese Needlepoint Cloth

The combination of laces on this round tablecloth are quite lovely! A fine central vignette of a basket of flowers is worked in needlepoint lace, surrounded by Brussels Duchesse lace, and Milanese lace. There is a wide edging of scalloped Brussels lace on the edge.


Antique Linen # LI-100

Fine Pina Placemats w/ Provenance

A wonderful set of ten placemats with fine work. These are from the same estate that belonged to the Marcos family of the Philippines which was purchased by Sotheby's. The embroidery is fine and the raised embroidery is excellent. Another example of the very best of Pina work.


Antique Linen # LI-115

Lovely Cantu Table Runner w/ Assorted Animals

A wonderful Cantu lace runner with such an amazing array of animals. There are swans, butterflies, storks, dragonflies, deer, goats, roosters, peacoks, rabbits, etc. I have never seen such an assortment! The quality of work is excellent, with raised outlines on many of the animals, and lovely scrollwork throughout the runner.


Antique Linen # LI-66

Elaborate Italian Tablecloth w/ Needlepoint Lace

Circa 1900's, a very beautiful Italian handmade lace tablecloth with ornate needlepoint lace, filet lace, and embroidery. The quality of the needlepoint lace is exceptional. Measuring apprx. 110" by almost 72".


Antique Linen # LI-35

Magnificent Figural Needlepoint & Bobbin Lace Curtains

A rare and stunning pair of figural needlepoint and lace curtains. Circa late 19th C., these curtains were probably made in Burano. The design is opulent, with large central caryatids surrounded by masses of scrollwork, flowers, cherubim masks, urns and lyres. Large graceful swans are at the bottom of the panel. followed by a wide scalloped border of lace.


Antique Linen # LI-9

Figural Bobbin & Needlepoint Lace Bedspread

Circa 1900, figural bobbin and needlepoint lace bedspread, with enchanting large central oval vignette of a young girl with garlands of flowers. Measuring 104" by 80" wide. The contrasting laces make a wonderful combination. Italian in origin, the design and quality of workmanship is excellent. Good condition.


Antique Linen # LI-3

Needle Lace Cloth w/ Cherubs

Exquisite hand-made Italian needle lace tablecloth with a very ornate meandering flower and swirling tendril design. There are four round medallions with playful cherubs holding swags on each corner and two additional diamond shaped medallions on the tablecloth. Early twentieth century. Measuring 132" by 56" wide. Good condition.


Antique Linen # LI-99

Superb Pina Placemats w/ Provenance

An amazing set of placemats with richly embellished design. These placemats belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, and was part of the Marcos estate sold at Sotheby's by the Philippine government. The raised embroidery is quite superb. Pina cloths were made from the pineapple tree, each strand of Pina has been hand-scraped and knotted to form a continuous filament that was used for hand weaving. A wonderful fine example of the very best Pina work.


Antique Linen # LI-130

Stunning Needlepoint & Brussels Lace Cloth w/ Point De Paris Figurals

A gorgeous linen cloth! Superb design and superior workmanship, with a large central design of quality Brussels lace. There are shaped vignettes of mythological figurals alternating with fine oval vignettes of the best of needlepoint lace. There is a wonderful border of needlepoint lace followed by a wide beautiful border of Brussels lace. This tablecloth is absolutely stunning!


Antique Linen # LI-140

Exquisite Figural Linen Banquet Tablecloth

A beautiful large linen banquet tablecloth with superior needlepoint, embroidery, and lace. The design is extremely elegant with numerous oval vignettes filled with the finest needlepoint. The vignettes depict classical figurals, animals, etc. and are all worked to perfection with raised three-dimensional work in the design. Superb workmanship and superior design.


Antique Linen # LI-86

Superb Needlepoint Cloth w/ Heraldic Coat of Arms

Circa 1915, this wonderful cloth was made by the lace makers of Belgium. The heraldic crest is the coat of arms for Belgium. The finest quality of needlepoint alternates with fine linen, cluny lace, raised satin stitch embroidery, and cutwork. The logo at the bottom of the crest "L'union Fait La Force" means "Strength through Unity".


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