Antique Lace # LA-27

Exquisite Brussels Point De Gaze Shawl

Circa 1860-1880, a fine Brussels shawl with large three-dimensional roses. A large bouquet on either end surrounded by a massive amount of scrollwork, flowers and leaves. There are more than forty large roses, most with relief work. The ground on this piece seems to be handmade, which is a good indication of the best of Point De Gaze produced during the 19th C. A couple of very tiny openings, very minor, otherwise excellent condition. Measuring apprx. 104-105" by 22" wide.


Antique Lace # LA-259

Lavish "Grand Tour" Appenzel Handkerchief

Amazing workmanship! It almost defies belief that a scene like this could be created by hand. The magnificent architectual building is surrounded by a very ornate floral garland. Every detail, including the bricks, arches, and columns are superbly worked while needlepoint artistry is displayed in different designs on the windows. We have not been able to identify the building, but it must be of historical significance.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-54

Circa 1880, Brussels Lace Cloth w/ Point De Gaze

A lavish Brussels lace tablecloth with a very nice central vignette of large three-dimensional roses. The Brussels Duchesse lace is luxurious, with an abundance of scrollwork. The design is quite impressive, with large bold, ornate flowers and meandering leaves that have raised work on their outlines.


Antique Lace # LA-260

Fine Appenzel "Grand Tour" Handkerchief w/ Valencienne Lace

A beautiful Church or historical building, part of a collection of "Grand Tour" handkerchiefs we are offering. Workmanship like this could only have been created by a grand master, both in design and workmanship. The handkerchief is quite superb.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-119

Superb 19th C. Brussels Lace Wedding Veil

Circa 1860-80's, this charming Brussels lace wedding veil is embellished all over with a highly decorative design. The wedding veil has large floral boquets all along the scalloped edges, with meandering vines and swags where each corner design measures apprx. 27" wide. The scattered floret and Point De Esprit further enhance this elegant and graceful wedding veil.


Antique Lace # LA-300

Fine 19th C. Brussels Lace Collar w/ Point De Gaze

A fine Brussles lace collar with Point De Gaze roses. The collar has a original note stating the date as 1903, when it was given to "Edith L. Burroughs". Fine workmanship and design.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-73

Exquisite Brussels Lace Wedding Veil w/ Point De Gaze

Circa 1860, a stunning Brussels lace wedding veil or stole with a very unusual design. The main part is worked in bobbin lace and there are apprx. 65 Point De Gaze roses, with three-dimensional petals worked all along the sides of the veil culminating in an oval shape at each end. A most unusual design, a gorgeous piece for the bride or lace collector.


Antique Lace # LA-261

Magnificent "St. Pauls Cathedral" Grand Tour Handkerchief

A glorious handkerchief! Part of a "Grand Tour" collection of handkerchiefs, this appenzel handkerchief portrays St. Paul's Cathedral in all it's splendor. Fantastic fine appenzel embroidery with raised work on the ornate columns and superior detailed work throughout this work of art. The heraldic design includes a lion and unicorn, a royal crown and lavish garlands of flowers. In all, a work of art!


Antique Lace # LA-97

Exquisite 19th C. Brussels Lace Sleeves

A beautiful pair of 19th C. Brussels lace sleeves! The bobbin lace has a elaborate design, with excellent workmanship throughout. There is a large shaped vignette filled with a Point De Gaze rose that has three-dimensional petals. A elegant and refined example of the best of Brussels lace. In good, unused condition.


Antique Lace # LA-53

Circa 1860, Elegant Brussels Lace Shawl

This elegant Brussels lace triangular shawl has the finest work, and a ethereal design. Large roses, iris, hydranga's, undulating leaves, and scrollwork are abundant throughout the shawl. The scalloped edging has a design of flowers and leaves with delicate Point De Espirit scattered throughout the shawl.


Antique Lace # LA-262

Lovely "Grand Tour" Appenzel Handkerchief

The architecture of this building suggests it might be in Middle Europe, Russia, etc. Elaborate shaped spires adorn this building, with masses of windows. The windows all have amazing needlepoint fillings. Lush vine leaves and flowers surround the architecture while two ducks wade their way through a pond. The handkerchief is edged with fine Valencienne lace.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-115

Magnificent 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Hankerchief

Circa 1860's, a superb hankerchief! Exquisite in every way, both in the design, and the quality of work. Lovely flowers and tendrils surround the scripted whitework name. Large cabbage roses, flowers and leaves, superb scrollwork, and scattered Point De Esprit are present throughout this exceptional hankerchief.


Antique Lace # LA-20

Exquisite 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Shawl

A superb triangular brussels Point De Gaze application lace shawl measuring apprx. 118" across and almost 58" at its widest part. The shawl is encrusted with flowers, leaves, and ornate scrollwork. Large floral bouquets are accompanied by large roses and scattered Point De Esprit. There are two repairs and a few very small holes, otherwise good condition.


Antique Lace # LA-101

Rare Embroidered Panel w/ Birds & Reticella Lace

A magnificent piece! The quality of embroidery and Reticella lace is sumptious, with the most elaborate central vignette filled with the finest Reticella lace. There are raised and outlined satin-stitched trees and birds in the fine lawn, and then masses of embroidery and Reitcella lace. The very wide border is scalloped and reminiscent of early 16th & 17th Century lace. A piece of lace that is possibly by Amelia Ars.


Antique Lace # LA-30

Fine Needlepoint Lace w/ Birds

A fine needlepoint lace border with an exceptional design of birds perched above scrolliing leaves and flowers. Late 19th C. or early 20th C, this lace could be work done by The Aemilia Ars Society. The Society was responsible for the most wondeful lace, making stunning reproductions of 16th -17th Century laces. Their work is superb and highly collectible. The workmanship and design is exceptional on this piece.


Antique Lace # LA-271

Lovely 19th C. Brussels Lace Fan Leaf w/ Point De Gaze

A lovely 19th C. Brussels lace fan leaf with a very ornate design. On one side, a vignette filled with fine Point De Gaze lace. Measuring apprx. 28" around outer circumference, 6" wide.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-26

Fine Needlepoint Pillowcase w/ Heraldic Coat of Arms

Circa 1915, this superb pillowcase was one of the two items presented to Frederic Chatfield by the Lace Makers of Belgium, who wished to show their gratitude for his help during the German occupation. Chatfield worked closely with Herbert Hoover during the war delivering humanitarian aid through "The Commission for Relief'"in Belgium. The crest is the Coat of Arms for Belgium.


Antique Lace # LA-293

Fine Mechlin Lace Handkerchief w/ Royal Provenance

A very beautiful mechlin lace handkerchief which was part of the Duchesse De Berry's collection. The mechlin lace is made with superior gossamer fine thread, the design and workmanship are both exceptional in every respect. The fine lawn center has a beautifully embroidered crown and monogram.


Antique Lace # LA-174

Circa 1860, Fine Rosaline Lace Bertha Collar

Circa 1860's, a lovely and large rosaline lace bertha collar. Fine needlepoint is combined with a lovely design of meandering flowers and leaves with some raised work on the flowers and leaves. Measuring apprx. 45" by 7 1/4" wide.


Antique Lace # LA-121

Exquisite 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Hankerchief

Circa 1860, a stunning Brussels Point De Gaze hankerchief! The quality of workmanship is quite amazing and the design quite superb. There are large three-dimensional roses on the edges, with needlepoint floral wreaths that are surrounded by large flower heads filled with needlepoint fillings. This is one of the very best hankerchiefs, it is simply a work of art!


Antique Lace # LA-83

Circa 1880, Fine Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze

A lovely and fine Brussels shaped triangular lace shawl with a large oval vignette filled with hand-made ground and the traditional three-dimensional large roses. The ornate bobbin lace has raised details on the ornate scrollwork.


Antique Lace # LA-106

Circa 1860, Ornate Brussels Lace Triangular Shawl

A very large and ornate Brussels lace triangular shawl. The shawl has a beautiful design, large floral bouquets with ribbons and masses of scrollwork combine with meandering flower vines and leaves throughout the lace. This graceful and refined shawl has a superb design and excellent workmanship.


Antique Lace # LA-299

Circa 1860, Fine Bobbin Lace Bertha Collar

A fine 19th C. Bertha lace collar measuring apprx. 36 1/2" by 9" wide. A ornate design with scrollwork, meandering vines and leaves. Many of the flowers have needle lace fillings.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-301

Circa 1860, Brussels Lace Collar w/ Cut Steel Beads

A lovely Brussels lace Bertha collar with cut-steel beads and sequins. A very beautiful design with large oval vignettes filled with roses. Fine workmanship and excellent design.


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