Antique Lace # LA-225

Majestic Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze Lace

A sumptious shawl! Splendid both in design and workmanship, with a elaborate design of flowing vines, leaves, and flowers. Superbly worked, large oval vignettes contain large three-dimensional roses, some measuring 4 1/2" across. The scale of the design is dramatic, this is the pinnacle of Brussels lace, truly museum quality. Measuring apprx. 123" by 38", 312 cm by almost 97 cm.


Antique Lace # LA-219

Exquisite Brussels Point De Gaze Lace w/ Cherubs

A rare and wonderful oval table center of Brussels Point De Gaze lace. A superb design with large ornate cherubs and doves, meandering vines and large three-dimensional roses. A gorgeous piece for the Brussels lace collector, superior in design and workmanship.


Antique Lace # LA-71

Rare & Exquisite Blonde Chantilly Lace Bedspread w/ Cherubs

A museum piece! The most exquisite hand-made blonde chantilly lace bedspread that I have ever seen. The lace was never really made into such large pieces so this must have been a special commision where money was simply not an issue. Large needlepoint cherubs with beautiful faces are worked at the top, with ornate vases and flowers throughout the bedspread.


Antique Lace # LA-233

Magnificent & Rare Aemilia Ars Reticella Table Cloth

A rare and wonderful example of the magnificent lace produced by the society under the tutelage of the Countess Lina Cavazza Bianconcini during the 19th C. Inspired by the poet and artist Alfonso Rubbiani, the Aemlia Ars society brought together the finest artists, craftsmen, and wealthy donors in order to promote traditional skills. The astonishing piece was specially commissioned by a wealthy American. The lace design has numerous assorted animals, unicorns, dragons, birds, and urns overflowing with flowers.


Antique Lace # LA-290

Exquisite Mechlin Lace Lappet w/ Royal Provenance

A rare mechlin lace lappet that was part of the collection that belonged to the Duchesse De Berry. A superb and very rare design, with dogs, rabbits, and birds amidst a dense forest landscape. Measuring apprx. 60" by 6 1/4".


Antique Lace # LA-274

Circa 1860's, Superb Brussels Needlepoint Lappet

The workmanship is quite amazing on this beautiful lappet. The design has the most amazing scrollwork, large scaled roses and tiny leaves all along the lappet. The lappet has never been used, it retains it's original tea-dipped patina. Measuring apprx. 42 1/2" by 5" at widest part.


Antique Lace # LA-295

Circa 1860's, Superb Brussels Point De Gaze Lace

A truly beautiful flounce of superb Brussels Point De Gaze lace with a ornate and dense design. Superior design and workmanship, with large Point De Gaze roses with three-dimensional petals surrounded by elaborate florals, meandering vines and leaves. There are lovely fine needlepoint flowers throughout the lace and elegant Point De Esprit scattered throughout the flounce.


Antique Lace # LA-268

Exquisite 19th C. Brussels Lace Veil w/ Point De Gaze

Circa 1860, a superb Brussels lace shawl or veil with a amazing design and superior workmanship. The design of scrollwork and meandering vines and leaves, with three dimesnional raised veining are enhanced by the numerous large Point De Gaze roses. There are large oval vignettes one each end filled with Point De Gaze flowers.


Antique Lace # LA-250

Magnificent Bedspread w/ Brussels Lace, Whitework, Etc.

A very beautiful composite bedspread with a central square of ornate whitework fond de bonet. There are numerous laces, Brussels Point De Gaze, Brussels bobbin laces, Valencienne, Irish limerick lace, etc. There are so many lengths of fine handmade laces. Superb, beautiful, and amazing!


Antique Lace # LA-229

Circa 19th C. Exquisite Brussels Duchesse Shawl

This large Brussels Duchesse shawl has a bold and intricate design. A beautiful shawl that can also be used as a wedding veil if one desired. The large roses, meandering leaves and vines, tulips, and lilies all have raised outline cordonets. The combination of flowers and the scale of the design are quite superb.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-289

Exquisite Valencienne Lace Handkerchief w/ Royal Provenance

A superb Valencienne lace handkerchief that once belonged to the estate of the Duchesse De Berry. This handkerchief is certainly a testament to superior workmanship. The design is beautiful, with gossamer thread used in the design of the lace. The fine lawn is embellished with the Royal Crown and elaborate monogram.


Antique Lace # LA-306

Ornate 19th C. Brussels Lace Cape Shawl w/ Point De Gaze

Circa 1860's, a beautiful Brussels Duchesse lace cape shawl with a ornate design. Lovely bold florals, leaves, adn vines throughout the lace. There are large oval vignettes with large three-dimensional roses, fine delicate florals, vines, leaves, and scattered tiny Point De Esprit on handmade ground. Lovely three-dimensional roses are scattered throughout the shawl measuring apprx. 3" across, with tiny raised cordonnet on the daffodils. Quite beautiful!


Antique Lace # LA-213

Fine 19th C. Point De Gaze Lappet

Circa 1860's, this very beautiful Brussels Point De Gaze lappet is quite superior both in design and workmanship. A few minor pinprick openings, minor. The lappet seems to have been rarely used. Measuring apprx. 49" by 5" at widest part.


Antique Lace # LA-292

Magnificent Mechlin Lace Handkerchief w/ Royal Provenance

A very beautiful mechlin lace handkerchief that was part of the Duchesse De Berry's estate. A fine lawn center is surrounded by a wide mechlin lace. The design is quite superb, the workmanship and gossamer thread are of the highest order. A elaborate whitework crown and monogram are finely worked in the lawn.


Antique Lace # LA-122

Exquisite Brussels Point De Gaze Shawl

Circa 1860, a beautiful design and excellent quality workmanship on this superb large Brussels Point De Gaze shawl. The net ground is also handmade, always a sign of the best quality in Brussels lace. This has 34-35 roses with raised three-dimensional petals, masses of flowers, leaves, scrollwork, and scattered Point De Esprit. A beautiful example, absolutely encrusted with fine work.


Antique Lace # LA-279

Circa 1860, Rare Brussels Lace Parasol w/ Chinoiserie Pavillions

Circa 1860, a very rare and unusual design on this fine Brussels lace parasol. A lovely bobbin lace floral design is accented with interesting cartouches filled with chinoiserie pavillions worked in Point De Gaze with other vignettes containing a design of a serpent and a nest of eggs. A rare design!


Antique Lace # LA-231

Lovely 19th C. Brussels Applique Lace Shawl

Circa 1860's, a lovely large Brussels applique shaped triangular shawl with a meandering garland of flowers and leaves on all the scalloped edges. There is a wider decorative design at the center of the shawl.

$ 595.00

Antique Lace # LA-307

Exquisite Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Royal Provenance

A truly sumptious shawl! I cannot praise this shawl enough. The shawl is unused and was a part of a collection that belonged to the Duchesse De Berky. The whole collection was a testament to superior taste, refinement, and elegance. The workmanship on this shawl is superb, made with superior thread, the shawl has a beautiful design. Fine florals, garlands, meandering vines and flowers with tiny raised cordonnet enhanced by Point De Espirit.


Antique Lace # LA-245

Elaborate Brussels Point De Gaze Flounce

Circa 1860, a long flounce of Brussels Point De Gaze measuring 194-195" by 6 1/2", 492-493 cm by 16-17 cm. The net is encrusted with fine workmanship, the design of large floral sprays is surrounded by ornate scrollwork and Point D'Esprit.


Antique Lace # LA-305

Ornate 19th C. Brussels Applique Triangular Shawl

Circa 1860's, a very beautiful and elegant large triangular lace shawl. Seems to be Brussels or Irish applique lace, the design is quite ornate with meandering vines, flowers, and leaves. Shawl has lovely scalloped edges. A lovely shawl! Measuring apprx. 120" by almost 50", 304 cm by 127 cm.


Antique Lace # LA-164

Superb 19th C. Brussels Lace Wedding Veil

Circa 1860's, a lovely ethereal Brussels lace wedding veil with a delicate design. Meandering vines, flowers, and leaves throughout the veil with more profuse and dense work in the four corners and on the scalloped edges. The design is extremely elegant, with fine thread used and superior workmanship. A lovely veil for the bride or it can be used as a mantilla.


Antique Lace # LA-240

Exquisite Brussels Point De Gaze Flounce

A truly stunning flounce of Brussels Point De Gaze. Numerous gorgeous large roses, hydrangas, exotic leaves, and trailing garlands of flowers throughout the lace are enhanced by the scattered Point De Esprit. Fine undulating scrollwork and tiny needlepoint fillings are abundant in the design. A gorgeous lace with flowers measuring 3 inches. Exceptional in every way!


Antique Lace # LA-303

Exquisite Whitework Handkerchief w/ Eagles & Deer

A fine whitework handkerchief with a superb design. There are large impressive eagles on each edge, with wings outstretched, as well as deer and other small animals in the design. Elaborate florals and eagles are worked against a grid of drawnwork. Measuring apprx. 16". A wonderful handkerchief for the collector.


Antique Lace # LA-288

Superb Mechlin Lace Handkerchief w/ Royal Provenance

Exquisite design and workmanship on this very beautiful mechlin lace handkerchief. The finest lawn is embellished with a elaborate monogram with floral swag and a Royal crown. The handkerchief is from the collection of the Duchesse De Berry.


Antique Lace # LA-165

Elaborate 19th C. Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Point De Gaze

Circa 1860's, a very ornate and beautifully designed Brussels lace triangular lace shawl with large vignettes filled with decorative Point De Gaze flowers. Excellent workmanship on this lovely shawl.


Antique Lace # LA-194

Exquisite Lace Panel w/ Needlepoint Cherubs

Circa 1890-1900, a elaborate lace panel with a exceptional flowing design. There are two large needlepoint cherubs holding wreaths with flowers and a enclosed heart. Possibly a wedding panel, the design is embellished with swags of flowers, ribbons, ornate bunches of wheat, and musical instruments. Superb workmanship and a gorgeous design!


Antique Lace # LA-202

Exquisite "Notre Dame" Appenzel Hankerchief

The whitework embroidery on these beautiful "Grand Tour" hankerchiefs is quite amazing. The detailed work both on the Notre Dame and the floral wreath surrounding the vignette is absolutely superb. A wok of art!


Antique Lace # LA-198

Ornate 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Lappet

A lovely lappet with superb workmanship and an excellent design. Filled entirely with flower bouquets, a attractive trellis work design, decorative scrollwork, and fine scattered Point De Esprit. The quality of needlework is first class, the design elaborate and quite impressive.


Antique Lace # LA-249

Circa 1860, Fine Brussels Lace Triangular Lace Shawl

A large ornate 19th C. Brussels lace shawl with a central large scaled floral design, scattered flower bouquets and undulating vines. Measuring apprx. 125" by almost 62" or 318 cm by 156 cm.


Antique Lace # LA-243

Superb 143" Brussels Point De Gaze Lace Flounce

A wonderful long flounce of Brussels Point De Gaze with elaborate garland vignettes filled with fine needlepoint fillings, masses of ornate scrollwork, floral bouquets, and scattered Point De Esprit throughout the lace. Excellent design and workmanship.


Antique Lace # LA-206

Fine "Hotel De Ville" Appenzel Hankerchief

Another stunning appenzel "Grand Tour" hankerchief. The whitework embroidery is superb, with detailed architectual elements. Fine needlepoint fillings fill the windows and a lavish wreath of flowers, leaves, and vines. Excellent design and workmanship.


Antique Lace # LA-251

Circa 19th C. Ornate Brussels Point De Gaze Lace Flounce

Gorgeous large three-dimensional roses, flower banquets, meandering vines, ornate scrollwork, and scattered Point De Esprit are in abundance throughout the design. Lovely hyndrangas also are in the design, this is quite rare to find. A beautiful long flounce with a gorgeous design and quality workmanship.


Antique Lace # LA-176

Excellent Brussels Point De Gaze Collar

A stunning large Brussels Point De Gaze lace collar. The workmanship is superb, the design excellent with large three-dimensional roses. This collar has everything that is considered the best in Brussels lace.


Antique Lace # LA-203

Exquisite 19th C. Round Brussels Lace Tablecloth w/ Point De Gaze

A rare round Brussels lace table cover or large parasol cover. A superb design, with ornate Brussels Duchesse bobbin lace. The design is entirely filled with masses of flowers, vines, leaves and scrollwork, and large oval vignettes filled with three-dimensional roses. Superb quality and workmanship.


Antique Lace # LA-207

Magnificent Appenzel "Grand Tour" Hankerchief

The appenzel whitework embroidery is stunning! A most lavish hankerchief with scenes of the "Duomo in Milan", "Porta Vercellina", "Palazzo Di Governo", and "Porto Romana". The detailed architecture, figurals, and landscape scenes are truly amazing!


Antique Lace # LA-208

Magnificent Appenzel Hankerchief of "Vincent De Paul"

Absolutely astonishing level of workmanship! It is almost impossible to imagine the dexterity and skill that would have been needed to accomplish such detailed and superb work. The architecture of the Church is surrounded by a lavish and detailed wreath of beautifully decorated flowers with fine detailed steps, street lamps, terraces, columns, and landscape, edged with handmade bobbin lace edging. A architectual gem copied beautifully on this hankerchief.


Antique Lace # LA-210

Superb Appenzel "Grand Tour" Hankerchief of Rome

Astonishing level of whitework embroidery on this superb "Grand Tour" hankerchief. A wonderful landscape with detailed work on the basilica, with a wreath of decorative flowers surrounding the scene.


Antique Lace # LA-209

Superb Appenzel Hankerchief of Coloseum in Rome

A beautiful "Grand Tour" hankerchief of the Coloseum in Rome. Fine detailed workmanship on the building with tiny needlepoint fillings and a wonderful large garland of grapes, vines, flowers, and leaves.


Antique Lace # LA-258

Exquisite Grand Tour Handkerchief "Windsor Castle"

Astonishing appenzel embroidery on this superb "Grand Tour" handkerchief. Windsor Castle is surrounded by a lush landscape, a pond with swans and two large ornate street lamps festooned with flower swags and decorative royal banners. Both in design and workmanship this handkerchief is a testament to the skill of a master lace maker.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-211

Finest Appenzel "Grand Tour" Hankerchief of Barcelona

Astonishing level of Appenzel embroidery on this "Grand Tour" hankerchief. The architectual elements are quite superb with the finest whitework embroidery, fine needlepoint fillings for the windows and a lovely garland of flowers, vines and leaves that almost completely surrounds the architecture. A magnificent hankerchief!


Antique Lace # LA-302

Circa 1860, Fine Brussels Point De Gaze Lace

Circa 19th C., a ornate design on this lovely flounce of Brussels Point De Gaze. In very good condition. Please see LA-299 for matching lace flounce. Measuring apprx. 133 1/2" by 8" wide, or 338 cm by 20 cm wide.


Antique Lace # LA-215

Exquisite "Grand Tour" Appenzel Hankerchief "Place Stanislaus Nancy"

A superb appenzel "Grand Tour" hankerchief of "Place Stanislaus Nancy". The whitework embroidery is quite superb and the design of course is exquisite. A lovely wine floral wreath surrounds the building with numerous fine columns, and fine needlepoint used in the windows. A work of art!


Antique Lace # LA-255

Circa 1860's, Fine Brussels Lace Shawl w/ Bows

Circa late 1800's, a very pretty Brussels lace shawl with a full design. On each end there is a large bouquet tied with a large bow with masses of vines, flowers, and leaves throughout the shawl.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-273

Lovely Brussels Lace Tablecloth w/ Brussels Lace

Circa late 19th C., this fine linen tablecloth has a wide border of handmade Brussels lace.There are large oval vignettes filled with Point De Gaze roses. Measuring apprx. 30", it is always quite rare to find table linens edged with Brussels lace.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-298

Superb 19th C. Brussels Point De Gaze Lace Flounce

Circa 1860's, a very beautiful Brussels Point De Gaze Lace Flounce with original patina and a wonderful design. Excellent workmanship on this lace, fine thrread, and a lovely design.

Price Upon Request

Antique Lace # LA-254

Lovely Brussels Lace Wedding Veil

This veil has a central panel of fine silk Crepe de Chene with two wide Brussels lace flounces on either side, and one flounce of Point De Gaze at the bottom. The veil was probably made in the early 1900's, with lace that dates from the 1800's. A elegant veil or the lace can be used.


Antique Lace # LA-177

Superb 19th C. Brussels Lace Triangular Shawl

A gorgeous Brussels lace shawl! Circa 1860's, these lovely triangular shawls are quite rare to find. This one has a delicate and ethereal design. Large elegant floral bouquets, masses of scrollwork, flowers and vines, with delicate Point De Esprit in this lovely design.


Antique Lace # LA-60

Magnificent Brussels Lace Oval Wedding Veil

A magnificent Brussels lace oval wedding veil with a rare and unusual design comprised of the finest quality Brussels Duchesse and Rosepoint lace. This amazing veil measures 3 yards and 24" long. The quality of the lace is excellent, a superb piece for the lace collector or the bride.


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