Early Items # EI-1

Rare Early American Linen Corset w/ Provenance

Circa 1700's, a rare early American linen corset with provenance. The note attached reads, "These stays were worn the first time Jan 14th 1779 by Miss Susanna Lincoln of Taunton on her Wedding day contributed by Mrs. Park." Mrs. Park Lincoln donated the corset to a historical society that recently deaquisitioned the item. A wonderful period piece for the collector.


Early Items # EI-42

Superb Early 18th C. Ladies Brocade Shoes

Circa 1730, a wonderful pair of ladies shoes with a lovely damask brocade design of large bold flower designs. In the 18th C. ladies shoes were quite luxurious and many of them would have matched their dresses with fabrics produced by Spitafields, etc. These shoes seem to be "straights" which means that there was not a clearly defined left or right shoe. Shades of green, cream and browns are used in the inate fabric design. A wonderful pair of shoes for ealrly costume collector.


Early Items # EI-43

Rare 18th C. Silk Polychrome Embroidered Child's Cap

C irca 1700's, a fine silk child's cap embroidered with raised satin stitch polychrome silk thread and embellished with metallic embroidery. The elegant design of meandering vines, florals, and metallic embroidery have been beautifully executed. The edges of the cap are finished off with a ornate wide scalloped border. The interior of the bonnet is quite ornate, made of Dutch or European chintz, and portrays large scale roses and flowers. A wonderful child's cap for the early collector.

Price Upon Request

Early Items # EI-23

Circa 1800's, Fine French Embroidered Front w/ Cuffs

Circa early 1800's, fine French embroidery front and cuffs. The design is fine and elegant with tiny embroidered wreaths worked in shades of green threads, gold metallic threads and sequins. Tiny florets are scattered throughout the silk design with swags and bows connecting the wreaths. Superb embroidery and a beautiful design!


Early Items # EI-25

Early Muslin Skirt Panel w/ Sequins & Embroidery

Circa late 1700's-early 1800, a rare muslin skirt panel with a elegant design. The skirt panel has a wide border on the edge with silk embroidery and gold sequins. Small flowers embroidered with sequins are scattered throughout the skirt panel. The design is truly elegant.


Early Items # EI-6

Circa 1800's, Rare Canvas Ladies Shoes w/ Needlepoint Flowers

A wonderful pair of early shoes with a plush needlepoint bouquet of flowers at the front of the shoes. A rare pair of shoes that are made of canvas with a ruched silk border and silk inner lining. The colors are gentle, shades of blue, lilac, orange, rose and green comprise the floral design with a natural cream canvas. Stunning and quite rare!

Price Upon Request

Early Items # EI-27

Circa 1700, Early Spitafield Silk Ensemble

A lovely design on this early Spitafield silk two-piece ensemble. Unfortunately this has had significant later altercations, but the silk itself is quite beautiful with delicate tiny florets against the cream.


Early Items # EI-8

Exquisite Beaded & Embroidered Silk Evening Dress

Circa 1870's, a stunning ensemble! A lovely cream damask silk with a ribbon design, heavily embellished with fine satin stitch embroidery and seed pearls. There is a profuse amount of handwork on the front panel of the skirt, bodice, neckline and sleeves, with the added touch of the original wax flowers. There is a French label on the inner stays. The shop was located at 27 Strausbourg, St. Honore.


Early Items # EI-9

Circa 1800's, Fine Figural Silk Panel

A very beautiful silk panel with a vignette of a lady in period costume surrounded by tiny sequins, and fine silk embroidered flowers and leaves with delicate bows on either end of the panel. A excellent design and good quality workmanship on this highly decorative silk.

$ 595.00

Early Items # EI-10

Circa 19th C. Lovely Ladies Dress w/ Flowers

A very late 1800's bodice and skirt with a wonderful brocade design of attractive flower sheaths. The bodice sleeves are ruched and trimmed with Irish Youghal and black lace, with additional black silk ribbons. The tiny buttons on the bodice are all hand covered silk. There is a stamped gold label on the inside of the bodice, it is difficult to read, possibly "Mme Hulot" with a crown and monogram.


Early Items # EI-11

Exquisite 18th C. English Silk Embroidered Apron

Circa early 1700's, a stunning English Jacobean silk apron with elaborate foliage and exotic fruits worked in colored silk and gold threads. The design is quite amazing and the variety of stitching, and quality of workmanship takes one's breath away. A spectacular work of art, ideal for museum or serious collector.


Early Items # EI-12

Rare 18th C. Jacobean Silk Embroidered Apron

Circa early 1700's, a most superb Jacobean silk embroidery apron with silk threads of pinks, greens, and blues worked in satin-stitch, couching and trellis cross stitch. The design and quality of the embroidery are excellent with meandering vines, exotic leaves and flowers. A work of art! A rare and wonderful item for the early textile collector.


Early Items # EI-13

Fine 18th C. English Embroidered Silk Apron

A lovely and fine late 18th Century silk embroidered apron in cream silk with colorful silk satin-stitch floral embroidery bordering the apron. Lovely naturalistic pink carnations are on the corners of the apron. The quality of the embroidery is exceptional with fine naturalistic flowers and undulating leaves. A wonderful item for the collector of early items.


Early Items # EI-14

Fine Silk Apron Front w/ Embroidery & Mother of Pearl Bugles

A most unusual silk apron worked with pink silk embroidered threads and Mother of Pearl bugle beads. The design is quite opulent, and the lovely embroidered flowers have assorted needlepoint fillings. Especially striking are the checkered fillings and threads that add a elegant touch. A very rare and unusual apron!


Early Items # EI-15

Rare 18th C. English Silk, Metallic & Beaded Needlecase

Circa 1700's, a rare and stunning pincushion or "Etui" with ornate beadwork and metallic work surrounding the heart-shaped mirrors. These mirrors were composed of silver nitrate and were extremely expensive in their day. The Etui has a unusual vignette at the top, which seems to hold a hand-painted ornate bird perched on a grape vine that has been beautifully painted. The bottom of the pincushion is covered with a fine floral silk, edged with a silver braid.


Early Items # EI-16

Circa Late 1700's, Vibrant Silk Calash Ladies Bonnet

A wonderful emerald green color on this 18th C. silk calash ladies bonnet! Circa late 1700's, these were worn to protect the ladies extravagant hairstyles during the era. There are seven canes with the original bow on this lovely silk period bonnet. A wonderful item for the early costume collector.


Early Items # EI-17

Circa 18th C. Italian Silk & Velvet Embroidered Panel

It is quite rare to find velvet worked in with silk, so we believe it is possible this piece is Italian. The flowers are quite magnificent in design with fine silk and metallic threads used. Both the design and quality of workmanship are superb. A rare and wonderful item for the early textile collector.


Early Items # EI-18

Circa 1800's, Lovely Silk Whalebone Corset w/ Decorative Bow

A wonderful silk corset that was possibly for a child. The silk is superb with beautiful detailed work, and a large silk bow at the back. The label says "J.B Donita 50, Real Whalebone". Possibly a young lady's or travelling salesman's example. This was purchased with wonderful children's clothing, so I think it was probably part of a child's or young lady's ensemble.


Early Items # EI-19

Fine 19th C. Shawl From The Tasha Tudor Collection

A wonderful 19th C. satin shawl that came from the Tasha Tudor historical collection that was sold at auction recently. Many of her beautiful pieces are now in museum collections. A beautiful and elegant shawl with lovely silk floral designs and a wide macrame fringe. A wonderful addition to any textile collection.


Early Items # EI-20

Circa 1780's, Fine Muslin Panel w/ Tambour Work

A lovely small panel, possibly part of a apron front or part of a skirt with a delicate tamboured design. Romantic garlands of flowers and vines, and sprays of naturalistic flowers have been worked with polychrome silk colors. A delicate meandering vine runs across the top, with assorted florets and leaves scattered gently through ornate vine and flowers above the scalloped border.


Early Items # EI-21

Circa 1800's Fine Silk Ladies Dancing Boots

A lovely pair of pearlescent ladies silk dancing boots with tie-ups at the side. Silk boots like this were usually worn for special occasions and were used for evening wear. The silk itself is quite luminous and one is always amazed at the quality and workmanship on these early shoes. A lovely pair of boots for the collector.


Early Items # EI-22

Rare 18th C. Silk Embroidery Child's Bonnet w/ Flowers

A fine 18th C. child's bonnet with a beautiful design, with fine silk embroidered floral bouquets tied with ribbons. There are ornate meandering leaves and flowers worked in metallic threads and tiny sequins with a wider metallic fringe border around the edge.


Early Items # EI-4

Ornate French Gown by "Emile Pingat"

Circa 1880's, a ornate outfit by the renowned French designer of the 19th C., Emile Pingat. The bodice is quite lavish, with a stunning maroon-red velvet with ornate embroidery and metallic work on the bodice and sleeves. Please see detailed condition report.


Early Items # EI-2

Red Velvet Sequin Cape w/ Paris Label

A striking deep red velvet and sequin cape with a French label "A. Walles - 15 Rue Auber, Paris". It is very striking and in near mint condition, as it seems hardly used. The cape is embellished with lace and sequins.


Early Items # EI-3

Fine Silk Bodice w/ Rouleaux Work

Circa 1800's, A romantic yellow silk bodice with Rouleaux, a lovely three-dimensional relief work that is padded and covered in silk. The detailed work is quite beautiful.


Early Items # EI-5

Circa 1860, Watered Silk Evening Dress

A lovely two piece evening dress with a lustrous sheen to the watered silk fabric. The design of delicate rose wreaths give the dress a soft feminine appeal. The cream silk bodice has whalebone supports, with rosette accents on the scalloped sleeves. In good condition, some wear on the edge of the skirt. The outfit was altered at a later date.


Early Items # EI-7

Circa 1820's, Fine Black Silk Shoes w/ Ribbons

A wonderful pair of ladies silk shoes that seem as if they were never worn. The finest black silk, a small silk rosette at the front of the shoe and perfect black silk ribbons that would have tied up the leg. The lining is comprised of the finest calfskin, and seems to have a signature. It is always rare to find shoes of this era in such good condition. A delicate and lovely pair.


Early Items # EI-28

Circa 1790's, Fine Early Silk Purse w/ Arasene Embroidery

Circa late 1790's, a wonderful example of arasene work, known as chenile embroidery. The purse has a delightful shape, and the flowers are embroidered on a cream silk. Chenile was used during the late 18th C. on lovely accessories, and the embroidery added dimension to the designs. A superb item for the early costume collector.


Early Items # EI-29

Early Metallic & Silk Sleeve Ruffles

Circa late 1700's, a lovely design on this lovely silk. Vibrant roses combined with green embroidery and large swags of silver metallic brocade, are worked into the design.


Early Items # EI-30

Lovely 18th C. Silk Purse w/ Bows, Flowers & Vases

A lovely silk purse with fine silk embroidery. The design is quite elegant and refined with a central basket of flowers and opens up to two pretty shaped inner pockets. Fine garlands, delicate in character, with bouquets of flowers and bows. A lovely example!


Early Items # EI-31

Ornate Velvet Pocket w/ Superb Embroidery

Circa late 1700's - early 1800, a beautiful ribbed velvet pocket with elaborate silk embroidery. The design is quite lovely, with beautifully embroidered roses and tulips with a large bouquet, garlands of vines and leaves, and a bow at the top. Excellent design and superior embroidery.


Early Items # EI-32

Circa 1600's, Rare Pocket w/ Tulip Design

Circa 1600's, a very rare linen pocket with a superb design! A large tulip is surrounded by birds, flowers, butterflies, and assorted flowers and leaves. The inner lining of parchment has period script. A superb, rare item for the early collector.


Early Items # EI-33

Early Silk Locket w/ Embroidery & Sequins

Circa 17th - 18th C., a rare oval silk locket with fine metallic embroidery. There seems to be writing on the banner but unfortunateloy I cannot decipher the writing. A rare item for the early collector. In mainly strong condition, but there is wear on the item.

Price Upon Request

Early Items # EI-34

Circa 19th C. Ornate French Flame Stitch Embroidered Card Case

A ornate flame-stitch embroidered card case with a embroidered shield containing a "Fleur Dy Lys". The outer part of the wallet is completely covered in flame-stitch embroidery, the inner panel is covered in silk.


Early Items # EI-35

Ornate Early Metallic Embroidered Cuffs

Early fine shaped metallic embroidered cuffs with superb design and superior workmanship. The central figural is surrounded by a large laurel wreath that is tied with a large decorative bow, wheat sheaths, and large clusters of grapes and vines.


Early Items # EI-36

Circa 17th C. Velvet & Metallic Purse

A 17th Century velvet purse decorated with parchment and ddecorated with gold embroidery. The inner lining is composed of leather. Measuring apprx. 4 1/4" by almost 3". Some age wear, but mainly in very good condition.


Early Items # EI-37

Circa 1700-1800's, Metallic & Sequin Purse

A unusual purse worked in metallic threads, with a design of a cornucopia on one side filled with flowers, and a bouquet of flowers on the other side. Some of the embroidery has fine shells and sequins accenting the design.


Early Items # EI-38

Circa 1800's Ladies Silk Shoes

Circa 1820, a fine pair of ladies silk shoes with a tiny rosette bow. On the inner calf lining there are two oval stickers, one of the ovals mentions a shoe shop in Boston, the other label lists the makers in Paris and London.

Price Upon Request

Early Items # EI-39

Circa 1800's, Coat of Arms w/ Bishop's Green Galero

A ornate Ecclesiastical heraldic shield with coat of arms. The green galero or Ecclesiastical hat signifies that this would have been part of a Bishop's attire. The shield has six decorative tassles on each side, a cross with metallic embroidery, and a wide ornate border around the coat of arms.


Early Items # EI-40

Circa 18th C. Silk & Metallic Panel

Superior in workmanship, a rare item with a exquisite design. Two hands are beautifully worked, with undulating vines and meandering leaves. Two large tulips and the other assorted flowers are worked in silk and metallic threads. Measuring apprx. 11 1/2" by 8".


Early Items # EI-41

Ornate Pocket or Purse w/ Embroidery

A unusual design oth this purse or pocket, there are large medallions containing portraits, and surrounded by velvet. The embroidery is quite ornate, I am not sure if this was made into a purse at a later date. The design is on both sides. Measuring apprx. 14 1/2" by almost 8 1/2".


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