Magnificent Brussels Lace Oval Wedding Veil
It is extremely rare to find oval wedding veils of this quality, as the price for large pieces of Brussels lace were exhorbitant even in those days. This superb veil was given an appraisal in 1959 by MME Helen Albert, who was a appraiser of lace and also had a shop on Madison Ave. in New York. It is sold with a Tiara, the original box, and the appraisal letter. This 19th C. oval veil has a wide center panel and edge of Brussels Duchesse lace, Rosepoint or Point De Gaze, and Point D'Esprit. It is ornate and heavily embellished with scrollwork and flowers, and is simply a work of art. In almost 30 years of selling lace I have only come across a few oval wedding veils of this calibre, and I have never seen a design like this before. The design, quality of workmanship, and rarity are the hallmarks here, this piece has it all. The veil is in excellent condition and seems hardly used, it has been stored in it's box and has some fold stains, that will come up once washed.
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